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There are many and varied ways that any company may choose to make use of Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots within their organisations. That said – chatbots for customer support and service is one aspect of messenger bot app use on websites, that is being seen to enhance business through increased interaction. That interaction, in turn, leads to more sales.

A Good Chabot on a Web Page Beats Even the Best Telephone Based Customer Support Response

With customers having to phone in the companies and to wait to speak with customer service staff employees; when they eventually get to speak with someone they will get their query resolved often in quick time as experience shows – standard questions are asked and in many cases, the staff know the correct response to give before the customer has actually completed giving the full reasoning for their phone call.

As the nature of things dictate we will see the Pareto [80/20] rule coming into play with eighty per cent of the customers who call into the company requiring a set 20% of responses based upon common operational issues with products and services.

Businesses that Know their Customers Will Find it Simple to Build a ChatBot Able to Give Clear and Useful Answers

""Any company when they stop and think will be able to come up with a list of common issues that customers seem to experience, this could simply due to the way human beings are in terms of approaching the use of any product/service that they have a degree of unfamiliarity with.

The same will apply when it comes to emails that are received where the customer's service staff are able to respond the queries based upon those issues which they have seen to come up time and time again.

ChatBots a Winner for Customer Interaction Driving Trust and Increased Sales

Given the argument above – this is where we see that Chatbots For Customer Service come into play in terms of enhancing the level of customer interaction and support that can be provided to customers twenty-four hours a day and in most cases we do know that there will not actually be a need for the customer to actually speak live with a member of staff in order to get their issue resolved. So here is where The Intelligent Chatbot for Customer Support and Sales can be put into play in order to enhance the brand of the company by at times giving customers the very information they receive on the spot.

The Capid Houser Offer – Development of Customer Support Chatbot Algorithms

So as we go through the process of Customer Care Chatbot Development we here at Capid Houser would look to work with our partner customer client / to collate as complete as possible [through a series of interviews with support staff along with conversations (phone calls & in-person) and the scrutiny of the company’s website and product/service operational material] a list of the [80%] known responses to specific questions that have been given and program these into the Customer Support Chatbot algorithms and then the customer service responses can be delivered to the customers without the need for employee intervention.

[and it is worth noting that there will be no customers having to wait on the phone whilst a member of staff is busy with another customer]
are able to be conducted at any point in time which will free up time that otherwise would have been taken up by an actual employee that they will be able to use to complete other tasks.

Now with the artificial intelligence-based chatbots engine base in action, whenever customers ask questions that have not been asked before; over time these questions will be added to the overall database which will in turn when the question is posed the next time the appropriate response will be given to the customer.

Put a Reliable Customer Service Chatbot Online and See Your Business Grow

Over time – without having to rely on the memories or mere experience of the customer service personnel in question, the company will end up with a database of all of the questions that customers are asking. This allows management to review such information. Business development planning can then proceed to eliminate customer objections by redesigning web pages, and if necessary company procedures as well. There is simply no better development tool than chat data for honing a business offer to match customer needs. We will show you exactly how customer service chatbots can redefine customer support, and drive more sales, while making use of our artificial intelligence-based messenger bots.

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