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How to Make Money Using Google Maps

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Wondering, “How Do I Make Money Using Google Maps?” or “How Do Live Streamers Make Money Using Google Maps?” If so, I've got an awesome video for you. This video will teach you how to make money on GMB with basic SEO in 2022!

Welcome to my site. Your author for this article is Steve Last.  On this occasion, I thought I'd share an idea-packed, video from Kevin David. It contains some real gems about the ways people make money from Google maps. For goodness sake! Just imagine making $500 from this and repeating it near-effortlessly!

I hope you enjoy the video. Let's begin…

<< This video is no longer available, but you can still rea our prescription to copy the method! >>

  Here's an Even Faster Way to Make $500+ a Day! 

I hope you enjoyed Kevin David's “How he Makes Money On Google Maps” video.

The 3 ways that Kevin David makes money on Google Maps and from his YouTube content creation videos are…

    1. Do maps on Google advice video streaming to show his talent for entertaining and really getting to know his audience. As a result, they come to like him and after that, they give him money for the help he gives them. It's a mutual relationship.
    2. Become a YouTuber (Wow, Kevin David KILLS it With YouTube! )
    3. Become an influencer and then you can easily act as a Sales Rep for Big Online Entrepreneurs by reviewing their products on Youtube for them, for money.

As if his YouTube daily ad revenue wasn't insane enough, Kevin David is actually able to pull in over $500+ a day which is about $15k per month partly on Google Maps but by simply streaming Youtube videos of himself talking while interacting with his subscribers/followers.

The first two options (G Maps and sales rep) require certain skills and attitudes that most people simply don't have. YouTube is a bit different, but it still requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

That said, it (and not the other two methods, necessarily) is a small part of a BIG MACRO BUSINESS opportunity that simply cannot be touched…

Image text: "How to Make Money with Google Maps".

  Here's an Even Faster Way to Make $500+ a Day! 

Web-Based Marketing Might Increase Your Wealth and the Quality of Your Whole Reality. This Is How…

There are several unique online income-generation options. But listen, not a single opportunity provides you with anything like the same degree of wealth generation potential as internet marketing.

So what's “internet marketing,” or “IM?”” In truth, this is actually just numerous different business model options all combined into one single, overall business. For example, you may do video marketing, create and sell digital products, or become a serious blogger to serve as your marketing business strategy of choice.

That said, you're not obligated to select between these powerful marketing systems. You can easily implement a few of these into your main internet marketing business plan at the exact same time if yr time allotment allows. But we can talk about that another time.

The enhanced lifestyle that can come your way via digital marketing is what we should pay attention to at present.

The Benefits That Can Come Your Way By Way of Internet Marketing…

    • Your online profits can be earned, even in your sleep! Your internet business never quits working hard for you, even after you do!
    • Your online operation is completely mobile! Your house or apartment, a hotel, bars and restaurants, a public library, a motorhome or personal vehicle… anywhere can be a viable location to operate a successful business!
    • (Parents) You won't need a babysitter! Enjoy saving yourself quite a bit on daycare and/or babysitters, while also personally there with and for your minis.
    • Put an end to idiots in your professional world. You'll finally be able to say goodbye to your lousy coworkers, bosses, and customers!
    • You can rid yourself of that long, dreaded commute. money on fuel, extend the life of your vehicle, and steer clear of traffic!

There are very few enhancements to your life that digital marketing can't help you enjoy. I honestly believe that you will enjoy great benefits when you give it a shot.

Ready to change your life? Visit this site!

Maps.Google Money Making Video Transcription

What is up guys! Welcome back to another exciting video!


We're gonna be talking about how to make money online by just using google maps.

You're probably using google maps to find the nearest [fast food shop].

But today I'm gonna be teaching you how to actually use it to earn some extra money.

How to use it to make that side hustle actually start to generate you some income.

Maybe, so that you can stop using Onlyfans and date a chick for real!

This method is actually pretty simple and we're going to be doing something called drop servicing.

Make sure you stay all the way until the end of this video because I'm going to be showing you guys a special way where you can actually outsource most of the work and get paid most of the profit.

This is going to be a super exciting video. Make sure you don't skip around and you stay all the way until the end, because, guys, this is the truth.

You Must Watch the Video to the End!

If you can't watch a 10-minute video on Youtube that literally walks you through step by step how to make money online you're never gonna make any money online.

That's just a fact. So if you're new to this channel first of all welcome. Welcome to the strongest family on youtube.

Like My Video and Subscribe

Do me two quick favours. If you like money make sure you tap the like button and make sure you also tap the subscribe button!

Turn on the notification bells as well. That you can be our next big winner like these two awesome people right here who were each the lucky winner of a $2,000 course, during our last video…

Today we're going to be talking about is actually something called the Google Map Pack.  Also, it's called Google My Business.

The Google Map Pack

There are two different things when you search for a business in a specific city. Google will suggest a few local businesses that they recommend.

Those businesses get far more business and more traction because they're seen by more people.

It's the same thing as digital marketing. Whoever is seen by the most eyes ultimately is the person who actually makes the most money.

Sell a Google Maps 3 Pack Listing Service

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna teach you guys exactly how to sell this as a service to local businesses. That you can earn money literally by ranking their businesses into what's called the Google Map Pack. when their local business appears, they get more eyes, more customers and thus more sales and profit.

The best part is that later in this video I'm actually going to be teaching you how to outsource all of the work.

You don't have to do any of that work yourself and you can arbitrage the difference between what it costs you to outsource and what you can actually charge these local businesses.

So you act as the middleman and I'm going to show you exactly how to do everything step by step from the beginning, all the way until the end.

Let's jump onto my computer and let's get into it.

Finding Local Business Prospects to Contact

Welcome to my screen. What we're going to do is we're going to actually search the type of business and near a particular city. What we're going to do is we're going to actually type in the keyword “plumbing” but you will actually try to spell it right!

“Plumbing near Sunny Isles” is a local business located in Sunny Isles, Florida.

We're gonna see a lot of different stuff here sponsored ads etc.  We're also gonna see another couple of sponsored ads but then [below] this is what actually is called the Google Map Pack.

Look at the Local Maps Pack Businesses Listed

Now you can see that it's actually showing three different businesses here.  One has 42 reviews one has zero reviews and one has one review.

…When we click to “view all” we can actually the Google Map View, or we can see all of these different businesses here.

Find Businesses with Very Few Reviews & Unclaimed GMB Business Listings

What we want to focus on is [businesses] that actually have very few reviews or some of them like you can see right here have zero reviews.

[Those are the ones.] If we click this one right here you can see that this business literally has zero reviews.

It says “be the first to review” you know if you want to write a review the opportunity is right there.

Sell Services Helping Businesses to rank in the Google-Maps Map Pack

It has literally none. That's good for us because it's very easy to get reviews and reviews actually help to rank in the Google-Maps Map Pack.  Another thing that you want to look for is businesses that haven't claimed what's called their Google My Business right to a business listing in G Maps.

If we click this one you can see that it actually says; “Do you own this business?” If you own this business or you approach somebody who owns the business you can click that you own the business.

Of course, I am not the owner of this business so I'm not going to do that. But once you contact these people you can actually walk them through how to claim their business in Google My Business.

That helps their business ranking on Google, and in the Maps Pack.

If we look at this one again they actually have claimed their business, but this one right here says next to “suggest an edit” it actually says “own this business”. See, this one doesn't have it and this one does, so we like to look for ones that have very few reviews and also haven't claimed their business.

Perfect Guys to Make Money With!

These guys look perfect for us to make money with. They have very few reviews and they haven't even claimed their business.

So we would actually click this and then we would contact these people.

We have their phone number right here. so, we can give them a call and let them know that they haven't claimed their Google Local business listing. They don't have very many reviews. They're missing out on a lot of potential business. They aren't actually ranking in the Map Pack

You know they're sitting right outside of it even though these guys should be ranking higher.

This business has no more reviews [but it is showing in the GMB 3-pack just because this actually has the words “Sunny Isles”. It's ranking higher because Google considers that to be more relevant.

Because it has the exact match of the city itself. Right? So what we can do is we can actually start with either one of these businesses.

Reach Out and Contact The Target Businesses You Have Found

We can either call them or we can go onto their website right here. We can go to their “contact us” form and we can actually just shoot them an email.

See right here. It says email. You can put your name phone number, and email. You'd want to type something that says “my name is Kevin David I help businesses get higher ranking on Google Maps listings. That leads to more customers and sales and profit.

  Here's an Even Faster Way to Make $500+ a Day! 

The Email to Send

“I noticed that your business isn't claimed on Google and I could start just by helping you do that completely for free so you can automatically rank higher”. If you're saying to yourself; “But Kevin why would we help them for free?”

Using Reciprocity to Win Clients

Well, you'd help them for free because if you do things for people they're much more likely to do things back for you. It's a basic element of negotiation. It's one of the negotiation tactics outlined in Robert Cialdini's book called “Influence”. It's is an amazing book that I recommend to anybody who's interested in negotiation.

It's what's called “reciprocity”. It's been proven again and again and again!

At car dealerships, for example, if they give you a cold coca-cola you're actually significantly more likely [to buy]. It's scientifically proven. They give you the 30 cent coca-cola and you're actually more likely to buy a car just because they actually did something for you. You as a human being want to reciprocate.

You want to do something back for them. So what we're going to do is we're going to do this for free for them because it's very easy.

Outsourcing the SEO Work

It takes like 10 minutes. But for somebody who doesn't know about it right, it would actually be very hard.

So we can help them claim their GMB business for free and then once we do that we have a relationship. The next thing is that we can upsell a monthly service fee to them for a service to keep their site ranked on the Google Map Pack.

Those are the 3 spots that I showed you guys before. When you search for a particular business in a particular city you see them. You can charge a monthly fee to keep them there, and to get them reviews.

Get Paid to do Basic SEO Tasks for Clients

You get paid to handle incredibly basic digital marketing tasks that a busy plumber that has no idea about. They don't know about Google and digital marketing or any of this stuff.

They don't know about SEO. An average plumber has no idea how to do this. Ultimately, what you're doing is you're leveraging a skill set that somebody doesn't have time for. Something the guy doesn't want to figure out. so, you're getting paid monthly to do that.

Pricing Your Work

You can charge any number of different amounts. You can charge $200 a month $300 a month, or $500 one time.

But the best way that I've been able to price this out is you want to charge $250 a month to build this out. You can tell them that it generally takes two or three months to get their business ranked on Google My Business.

Be Flexible and Give Your Client Alternative Payment Options

You can charge $250 a month to do that. You can also charge just a one-time 500 fee. Generally what I like to do is give them the choice.

I say; “We can either do this 250 dollars a month recurring or I'll do this for you just for a one-time $500 fee.” The cool part about this guys is if you're thinking to yourself, “but Kevin I don't know how to do SEO, and”:

  • “I don't know how to rank this stuff”
  • “I don't know how to do all the citations and link building and reviews!”
  Here's an Even Faster Way to Make $500+ a Day! 

“Drop Servicing” Explained

The cool thing about that is you can actually do what's called “drop servicing“. Drop servicing means outsourcing the work to somebody who specializes in this and lives in a cheaper cost-of-living country.

Somewhere overseas who can do the work for very cheap and then you can charge significantly more.

To find customers just as I showed you with our little email or by calling them or however, you feel most comfortable actually reaching out.

The Numbers Game

You will need to reach out to a hundred businesses in different cities you know around where you live. But only do that if calling locally makes you feel more comfortable.

If you reach out to a hundred people and let's say 20 people respond 10 people say “yes”. You claim their business for free or you help them for free and on average 5 of them end up paying you. That's still an income of $2,500. That's pretty good and you could definitely do that in a couple of weeks two to four weeks. Being able to do that it's definitely something that's very very doable.

Accomplish that and you need to know how we're gonna actually outsource this!

Outsourcing to Fiverr or Similar Freelancer Services Sites

We're gonna go to Fiverr and we're gonna type in “Rank my Google Business”. What we can see is there are a lot of different people here. This person says; “I will do a proven local SEO strategy to rank your Google My Business”. That's pretty much perfect! It's exactly what we want. What we're gonna do is we're gonna actually look at this.

More Pricing Guidance

We can see that for $10 he has something. For $30 he has something and at $80 he has something. Do just the $10. The cool thing is you don't have to buy this until you've already charged somebody. You will charge $250 or $500 to do this!

If you can outsource the work for $30 or $80 and you charge $250 or $500 you're making a significant profit margin and doing close to zero work yourself.

All you're doing is going and finding these businesses, contacting them, building a little bit of rapport, and then arbitraging by outsourcing the work itself. You get it done for you for a lot less than you get paid.

Form a Relationship with the SEO Expert and Rinse and Repeat

The cool thing is once you find a Fiverr person who really knows what they're doing you can form a relationship with them.

You can start getting cheaper bulk prices from them and have even wider profit margins. I think you can understand just how exciting this is.

  Here's an Even Faster Way to Make $500+ a Day! 

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