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How to Build Silos in WordPress for Easy SEO Authority

Building interlinked topic silos within WordPress sites is a great way to build logical internal linking structures. Google just absolutely laps-up and adores these “silo” structures! But. more importantly, by feeding Google what it wants you will achieve much better exposure through Search Engine listings. That's it building silos means working cleverer, NOT harder!

Why a Silo?

I'm never really sure why the word silo is used. It is just clever interlinking with keyword anchor text creating a natural flow of information to provide a full explanation of something or answer a question. The secret is always starting with the general topic and allowing your reader to move on into fuller and more detailed related information via links when that is needed.

Why Not Build WordPress Inner Linking Silos Manually?

You can. Plan out a linking structure using keywords. I always think that the easiest way of thinking of siloing structures is to think of a silo for a car manufacturers website. But, doing so until now has not been easy, in fact, I find it very is time-consuming and is a real chore for any blogger to have to do.

I have created the following diagram of a siloing structure using a slightly “tongue in cheek” example of a highly popular, but also flawed British Car manufactruer's range as I imagine it may have been in the 1970s, below:

Example of WordPress Silo structure

The result is that it rapidly becomes complicated after just a few levels (I haven't even shown a lot of the possible links above!), and each topic is an additional page on your website. In theory, it can be done using WordPress “Categories” and “Sub-categories”, but it's more complicated than just parent and child pages. The result is that I have rarely been doing it, despite having seen great results when I've done it. That's because without a tool to help, it is really hard.

Without a visual tool, you might create a silo when first creating your website and afterwards forget your logic in building it. That would mean you would never later be able to work out how the existing structure worked, in order to build-upon it later.

It's hard to visualize how your linking structure has been formed so far, and how the Search Engines will see your siloing work. In other words, you end-up guessing at it and that makes it:

“Oh! So EASY to do it WRONG!”

That was until the Supremacy Team built the following WordPress Silo Builder Plugin:

Wordpress Silo Builder Plugin

Look carefully at the image above and you will see the main builder page which creates a diagram of your silo structure which you can always refer back to later, so you will never forget how you intended you inner linking to be structured.

If you want to change it later, it's just a matter of dragging and dropping linking changes and the plugin even alters the links on the fly for you!

Also, easily spot broken links, and rather than delete them, make them afresh!

Just think of how cleverly this now allows you to direct Google ranking-juice to the pages which count, and provide real satisfaction to your readers who will enjoy the logical navigation provided through your website or blog's subject matter.

What Evidence Do You Have That Google Likes Silos?

How do I know that WordPress silos can hold such a strong SEO bonus and that fewer external links are needed when you do it?

The strongest evidence for Siloing there ever could be is EASY TO SEE! Just look at any Wikipedia page and the enormous number of internal links there are which cross-reference their content. I would suggest that a large part of the massive authority that Google and other search engines give to the Wikipedia websites' millions of pages is it's uniquely useful interlinking structures.

But, Wikipedia is graced with a global community of an army of voluntary admins who love their subjects and making links to them. (Did I say Geeks? No, surely not!) I am guessing that you DO NOT have willing free admins to spend their evenings making silo links for you!

“If so you need help with silos!”

My NEW secret weapon for building Silo's on WordPress is this new plugin tool.  Only $47 for 100 sites and it works perfectly!!

Drag and drop my pages and posts into Silos???  YES PLEASE!

They did a truly good job on building this!

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