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Shared Hosting Email Sending Limits Explained – Know Your Mailing Cap!

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Few users are aware of shared hosting email sending limits until they come up against them. Hosting providers set limits to prevent spam. In fact, most web host providers enforce email send rate limits to their customers. The aim of this article is to show you the email send rate limit and options for most popular web host providers, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Outlook, iPowerweb and more.

Email Limits Applied by Web Hosting Providers

Few users are aware of shared hosting email sending limits until they come up against them. If you don't know it yet and you decide to start sending emails to a growing subscriber list through you domain on shared hosting accounts, you'll soon discover this.

Hosting providers set limits to prevent spam. In fact, most web host providers enforce email send rate limits on their customers.

The aim of this article is to show you a resource for finding your email send rate limit and options for most popular web host providers. These include such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Outlook, iPowerweb and more, and also to suggest where you can find this information for shared hosting accounts.

However, it is probably best not to rely on a 3rd party for this information. The only way to be sure of your send-rate limit is to check within your email provider's support area (e.g. Gmail), or if using your domain to send emails, on your shared hosting provider's website.

Hosting services rarely, if ever, declare their send-rate limit on their sales pages.

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They realise that such limits are far from the minds of people just starting out, buying their first hosting accounts, so don't expect to see them there. However, search on their support pages and they should be provided, and if you can't find the information send them a support ticket and ask them.

The alternative to sending emails using your Gmail Account, Hotmail, or for example, Yahoo Mail account, or indeed your domain using the inbuilt Cpanel and WordPress SMTP server facility, is to open an account with an autoresponder service such as Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp etc.

However, their services can be expensive when you are just starting. Starting out by using services you already pay for, such as your own email, or domain, makes sense initially.

But with any email hosting system, apart from the specialist bulk mail service providers, there are limits placed on the number of outgoing messages. This is to prevent an account being used for spamming. The trick for email and hosting providers is to set a limit which is more than enough for the normal customers, but too low to be of appeal to spammers.

Although these limits can be frustrating for some people, these limits are for the good of all those sharing web servers. That's because a few rogue account holders could easily spoil it for the vast majority of shared web hosting account holders who only use their domain email service send a few emails a day, and might easily get blacklisted along with a spammer.

Blacklisting might occur without these limits, due to the fact that the multiple domain accounts hosted on shared servers all have the same IP address. There are many email services which provide blacklisting services to detect and remove spam from business websites.

If your IP gets blacklisted by these services very few of your emails will arrive at the destination and those that do will go directly into “Spam Boxes” on the recipient's account. Spam like this almost never gets looked at, and after a while is auto-deleted. If severe spamming is detected as emanating from an IP address all emails on that IP address are usually blacklisted.

Lists of Hosts and Shared Hosting Email Sending Limits

Host Limitations
Google Apps 100 per hour 500 per day
GoDaddy 250 per day on regular hosting 1000 on dedicated/virtual servers
Goneo 250 per hour
GreenGeeks 100 per hour by default

A more comprehensive list is available at

What are email sending limits of some other popular email hosts, How many emails are considered spam and how to avoid getting blacklisted.

Outgoing messages sent via iPowerweb can not exceed 25mb per email, including attachments. Mailing lists should not exceed 200 recipients.

The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site/domain hosted by Bluehost:

150 per hour 70 emails / 30 minutes Some plans have SMTP blocked and there's no way to unblock them

How many emails can you send at once with yahoo?

100 per hour
Max 500
95 emails / 1 hour

How many emails can Outlook send at a time?

We believe it is for Outlook 365:

300 emails per day, 30 per minute, and up to 100 recipients per email. These limitations are stricter for new or flagged accounts. See Limits for messages.

Aplus email has a daily send-limit for shared web hosting – no more than 1000 recipients per mailing list and no more than 500 emails per 30 minutes. Aplus other SMTP limits – max 7mb for web email or max 20mb for local email client messages.

Email Send Limits for Popular Web Hosting Providers

Shared Hosting Email Sending Limits illustrated with a "speeding email" graphic.Although we consider Siteground to be one of the best cheap hosting providers, their daily email sending limits are very low and only suitable for the smallest email marketing campaigns. On the flip side, they are on our list of hosts with student discounts, as well as one of the cheapest providers for hosting unlimited websites.

SMTP email sending limits and rates for web hosting providers. Godaddy email send limit for shared web hosting – no more than 250 relays (recipients) per day. You can purchase additional relays, in packs of 50.

Web Hosting Providers – SMTP limit and email rate limits

Godaddy email send rate limit & SMTP restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site/domain hosted by GoDaddy. Godaddy email shared hosting email sending limits for shared web hosting – no more than 250 relays (recipients) per day. The number of mailing list subscribers depend on your hosting plan. Using a mailman mailing list for spamming can lead to the termination of your web hosting account. Homestead email send rate limit and SMTP restrictions.

Use an outgoing SMTP service like smtp2go to relay your large email campaigns. Find a web hosting company who has daily email sending limits that meet your needs. Setup your own MS exchange server and configure it for SMTP email delivery.

There are a few reasons why your host will enforce limits on SMTP email. The first, and most important reason, is spam. To limit the amount of potential spam that can be sent by any single user, web hosts put a cap on the total amount of email that can be sent from one web hosting account within a predefined period.

Web Email Account Providers – email rate limits and SMTP limit

MSN Hotmail email sending rate limit and restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a Hotmail account:. Hotmail email send limit – no more than 100 recipients per day. Hotmail other SMTP limits – outgoing messages sent via Hotmail can not exceed 10mb per email (including attachments).

Email accounts allowed: one with the cheapest plan, unlimited with the highest plan. Hostinger has two separate email limits – one for webmail, and another for SMTP. If you are ok with a long-term commitment, Hostinger sells one of the cheapest hosting services you’ll find anywhere.

Limits for sending emails in Bluehost

Yahoo mail – email send rate limits and other email restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a yahoo mail account. Yahoo mail email send limit – no more than 100 emails or recipients per hour. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a Lycos Mail account: Lycos Mail email send limit – max 25 recipients per message and max 250 emails per day. Lycos Mail other SMTP limits – Lycos mail does not have a limit to the attachment file size at this time. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from an AOL connection:. AOL email send limit – no more than 100 recipients per message or 500 recipients per connection. AOL other SMTP limits – max 16mb per message.

Gmail has another restriction on the total number of recipients you can email per day so you cannot use cc or bcc to bypass the daily email sending limit. Also, these limits are different for apps like mail merge for Gmail that send emails via the Gmail API.

Head over to google apps support pages for more information on sending and receiving limits. Having trouble managing a large number of emails? Hiver’s shared mailbox will make email management absolutely effortless.

What Are Email Sending Limits of Various Email Service Providers?

You have to know this. Especially if you do email outreach. Each email service provider has its own email shared hosting email sending limits. The limits may be daily, hourly, and sometimes also per minute.

Salesforce doesn’t want a rogue customer sending out tens of thousands of inappropriate emails that result in ISPS (internet service providers) getting a lot of their end-users flagging emails sent from salesforce as spam, which can get a salesforce server blacklisted by that isp.

If you’re sending your cold emails using tools like Woodpecker, which sends emails from your own mailbox (your own SMTP ), the limits of your email service provider are the ones to keep an eye on when setting up your cold email campaigns.

Why is it crucial to be aware of the email sending limits?

If you’re sending cold email campaigns without being aware of your email provider’s limits, your email account may get blocked before you know it. For example, we recommend Gmail users that you find out about information about how many emails you can use Gmail to send per day.

Follow these recommendations to help stay within the shared hosting email sending limits (IP limits): Be aware of email sending limits when sending from domains that have a google. Com MX host. Limit sending mail from a single IP address based on the MX record domain, not the domain in the recipient email address.

What is the email sending limit of various email hosts?

If you try to send more emails out than you are allowed to, you won’t be able to send any kind of email from many accounts for 24 hours or more. If you know the limits, and set up your delivery time and the number of emails sent daily per campaign according to those limits, your campaigns will be smoothly sent as planned and your emails won’t be considered spam– provided that you’re not sending poor quality content without any personalization whatsoever. The email sending limits posed by your provider are for all the messages sent from your address. That’s why if you have several follow-ups planned within your campaign, you should keep in mind that after a few days or weeks, not only your first touch emails will be queued to be sent a day, but also a number of follow-ups.

Gmail and Gsuite limits: Gmail has certain email sending limits in place and you are only allowed to send a limited number of email messages per day. If you exceed the daily quota, Google may temporarily disable your Gmail account without any warnings and you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before you can regain access to your Gmail mailbox.

Com based on factors, such as. Your email account’s age (if it’s less than 30 days old, your email sending limits are lower). How often you use your Outlook. Com account (the more often, the better your reputation gets).

Free Gmail Email Sending Limit

Google Gmail email send rate limit & restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a Google Gmail account: Gmail email send limit – no more than 500 recipients p. Er message for the Gmail web interface, or max 100 recipients if you are using an email client software.

However, when sending mail from a different address, the original account’s message limits are applied. If you are sending emails through google script, like in the case of Gmail mail merge, the daily sending limit is 100 recipients per day for free Gmail accounts.

Additional good-to-know: If you exceed the Gmail email sending limits quota, your account will get blocked for 1-24 hours. We usually don’t recommend sending cold email campaigns from a regular free Gmail account but setting up an address on a separate domain using G-Suite (a business email service from Google) instead.

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