IceWyte Expalins how he makes money from Twitch Streaming

How to Make Money on Twitch

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Have you ever wondered, “How Do I Make Money on Twitch?” or “How Do Live Streamers Make Money?” If so, I've got an awesome video for you. This video will teach you how to make money on Twitch in 2022!

Welcome to my site. My name is Steve Last, and today I thought I'd share a quick, yet exciting, video from IceWyte. It's all about making money on Twitch. Heck, you may even learn how to make $7,548 per month, near-effortlessly!

I hope you enjoy the video.
Let's begin…

How to Make Money ($200+/Day) From Twitch…

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I hope you enjoyed IceWyte's “How he Makes Money On Twitch” video

The 3 ways that IceWyte makes money on Twitch and from his other content creation videos are…

    1. Do Twitch video streaming to show your talent for entertaining and really get to know your audience, and they will give you money. (But, only during some seasons of the year.)
    2. Become a YouTuber (Wow, IceWyte KILLS it With YouTube! )
    3. Act as a Sales Rep for Big Online Entrepreneurs by reviewing their products on Youtube.

As if his YouTube daily ad revenue wasn't insane enough, IceWyte is actually able to pull in over $7k per month partly on Twitch by simply streaming videos of himself talking while interacting with his subscribers/followers.

The first two options (eBay and sales rep) require certain skills and attitudes that most people simply don't have. YouTube is a bit different, but it still requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

That said, it (and not the other two methods, necessarily) is a small part of a BIG MACRO BUSINESS that simply cannot be touched…

Web-Based Marketing Might Just Change Your Reality. Here Are a Few Ways…

It's easy to be pitched ten or more unique ways to earn an income online for you to try on any given day. That having been said, none of them offers anything even close to the amount of passive earnings potential as online marketing.

What's “internet marketing” (also referred to as “IM”)?” Actually, this is really numerous different business model options all rolled into a singular, grand business model. YouTube marketing, for example, would be a smaller, more niched-down option that can be found under the umbrella of “internet marketing.”

Deciding upon just one of these proven business undertakings, to be clear, is in no way a necessity. Integrating lots of distinct internet business plans all at once is definitely an option for you. But we'll go ahead and review your online strategy options some other time.

For the moment, we'll be better served to go ahead and chat about some of the many ways that digital marketing can seriously alter your whole quality of life.

Here Are Merely a Handful of the Amazing Ways…

    • Your income just will not stop. Online income can come in 24 hours a day, even while you're sleeping!
    • You can operate from any location you prefer! Make money in bed, on a cruise ship, on the road in an RV, or practically anyplace from where you can get internet service!
    • (If you have children) You've got childcare handled! Online marketing solves both the challenges of failure to be involved in the daily lives of your kids, as well as paying absurd amounts of money for babysitters or daycare.
    • No rubbing elbows with people you don't get along with. A pushy boss, unpleasant coworkers, dissatisfied consumers… scrap 'em all!
  • Commuting on the train daily isn't necessary any longer. No more spending a fortune on gas, and no more going crazy over heavy traffic bottlenecks. Perfect!

IM, as you can clearly see, can alter your whole life. I am certain that you can benefit big time from giving it a try.

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IceWyte Talks About Making Money on Twitch now in 2022:

Talking about money, specifically how to make money on Twitch. This video will be about how to make money from content creation as a whole.

In actually looking at how much money I make personally I know that's a bit of a no-no in the Twitch and content creation sphere. But if you guys are interested make sure you leave a like because that will let me know how many people want to see it.

How do you even make money on Twitch?”; now that's a question I get asked quite a lot because people coming in for the first time or people who are affiliates don't actually know how the Twitch process works.

On twitch unlike other platforms like Youtube you actually make money from the users on the platform. Now that's not saying you can't make money from Twitch itself. They have ads revenue and game sales, but those are really uncommon as moneymakers. That's not really how many people make their money on Twitch.

The most common way of making money is through paid subscriptions which your audience can give you as bits. Those are almost like a form of Twitch virtual currency. 100 bits ii I think equal to one dollar.

You can also make money through donations which go through direct links to your PayPal account. People can just send you money that way. That concept may seem very alien to some people especially if you're coming to Twitch for the first time.

To me, it was definitely alien at first. I'd never kind of experienced anything like that. I had previously had a job on Youtube before. I was making money and I made all my money through ad revenue. But there was no kind of interaction from the audience you know.

It was just kind of more passive income. On Youtube people watch stuff. I then make money if they watch those through the adverts.

Whereas for Twitch it is very much that you rely on your audience to make you money.

This brings me back to my earlier mention that I wanted to talk about making money as a content creator.

We can kind of go through making money on Twitch now you understand how the money is made.

With Twitch itself is you want to iron out the points that make you interesting. so to make money on that platform either you're an incredibly skilled artist you're incredibly skilled at video games.

You kind of must have that special selling point that makes you unique in order to get followers to join.

That's because Twitch is almost like a subscription service like Netflix, right. The people that I support. The people that I invest in. The reason I watch them is that they provide me with entertainment.

I can't get that entertainment anywhere else. So your entertainment value has to be through your special skills because they're phenomenal. Either they are ace video game players or they are incredible artists. Maybe they are really good singers.

That sort of added value is the reason why I watch them. It's the reason why I want to support them. So, that's the sort of people making unique content that make money on Twitch.

Oh! Another way is getting to know your community. Being more personable. Getting to know your audience. Take my audience for example I guarantee I probably know what they're doing next weekend! I think I probably know where they've recently been on holiday. I kind of know what they had for dinner that night!

Just kind of having that really personal relationship works because it helps people feel invested in you.

Let them know your story. Let them know why you're full-time online. Let them see what you're doing. All that kind of thing.

The people I support, I support them because I know they are full-time content creators. I support them because I feel like I have a close relationship with them. In reality, I probably don't. But I feel like I do. That makes me want to support those people.

If you want help with things like you're buying a new house, or you need to pay rent that month, having a donation goal at the bottom of your streams is a really really good way.

That's a moneymaker just because it allows your audience who knows you to see what you're kind of going for. The goals you're kind of reaching for. If they want to they can help out.

But now with Twitch, it is really important not to become expectant of money. It's not passive income in the way Youtube is. Your audience will be the ones supplying you with your income.

So it's really important not to kind of like get into that mindset where you expect people to give you stuff. At the end of the day, they don't have to give you anything.

They are there watching you for free. It should be a free viewing experience and it should be you providing entertainment because you want to. If you want to make people's days enjoyable. It's entirely up to them if they want to support you.

Financially that's super awesome! It's really really great. I mean that's amazing, but don't become reliant on that kind of cash.

That flows nicely into the point that I want to make. That's about the fact that you should also be making money from other revenue streams at the same time.

Twitch is very very volatile especially around certain months like September. In September people go back to school so there are not many people around. That means there's not as much money to be had.

In December obviously, it's Christmas. People are travelling. People are buying presents. There's less money being spent on Twitch so you can actually see a huge huge drop in your revenue around these periods.

This year covid has left people without jobs. It's been a struggle for everyone. A lot of people haven't been able to financially support the people that they necessarily want to.

That's why it's really important when making money on Twitch to also use things like Youtube. Getting Youtube partner ad revenue from making Youtube videos is passive and helps you get money when Twitch ain't so hot.T

Twitch is actually like my smallest amount of money earned. So, I've tried to maximize my revenue stream. I've got loads of things coming from different places. Instagram and Tick Tock are both fantastic platforms to make money on.

You can do that by doing product reviews. Companies will reach out to you. I've had a few companies reach out to me recently asking if I will review their products and put a post on my Instagram.

That's another really really good way to utilize all of that if you're interested in going on Instagram again.

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