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ClickBar Plugin LogoHi! Well done. You took action! It was a good move. We are sure that you will love this plugin.

Click on the button below to download the ClickBar Plugin (Free Edition):
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Limitations of the Free Version of ClickBar

Upgrade to ClickBar Gold Edition
[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]We all love a freebie, but if you are serious about raising your game with the ClickBar Sales Page Timer, just take a moment to consider whether by spending $7 on the Gold Version you will better be able to run those timers as you want them?[/box]

Essential Gold Version Extras:

  • Choice of colours no longer restricted to 5 – Serious IM'ers will want to match the colour closely to the colour palette of their salespage
  • Not Restricted to Offer Closure at Midnight – The Free version requires the offer to close on any day, but only at midnight. Again, how often are serious timer offers set up like that? Hardly ever. a much shorter time period is better for encouraging action within hours. For the best results either a much shorter expiry period, or a longer period of several days, for example during a product launch, is invariably used by the top earners in the IM industry
  • Textures on the ClickBar – Using a texture adds subconsciously to the professional look and feel of the page. Something as simple as a texture can add sales, as has been shwon many times by split testing of these types of pages.
  • The ability to Track User Behaviour – The ClickBar Gold edition logs user activity, such as ClickBar impressions, and Clickbar button click-through rates. An essential feature to allow you to look at comparative conversion rates when you try out slightly altered ClickBars for better performance and higher earnings.

Click here to buy!Provided with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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