Stakeholder Analysis: The Stakeholder Management Approach

How do you manage the needs of the stakeholder AND the needs of the people?

Learn about the stakeholder management approach, how to perform stakeholder needs analysis, and the best way to set stakeholder expectations!

Mauricio Olimpio – Mobile Tech lead at Iterative, has been involved in planning and development of various software projects over the past decade.

Today we talk about the behavior of your stakeholder and how the stakeholder matters more now than you ever thought possible.

Some stakeholders expect a redesign while others might expect a contiguous integration. Learning stakeholder best engagement practices can make your communication with all parties significantly easier while managing those expectations when doing your stakeholder needs analysis.

Dealing with these differing expectations AND how to set stakeholder expectations in general, is the name of the game.

The stakeholder management approach is all about asking good questions and being practical about the behaviors and expectations of your stakeholders.

Find the needs of the people…

Find the needs of the stakeholder…

Those are the basic fundamentals of stakeholder analysis.

Watch this video to learn how to create a great product people want to buy…and use!

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Stakeholder Analysis: The Stakeholder Management Approach with Mauricio Olimpio

In Part 1 we discuss Product Validation Testing – What product validation is and how Mauricio uses it to save time and money.

In Part 3 we chat about refactoring – What it is and why it’s important for entrepreneurs.

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